The seven main social media platforms explained and which is best for your business

Staying social as a business is challenging when social media platforms constantly change and evolve. You set your business up on one social media platform and suddenly another pops up for you to consider. So where should you focus your precious time and resources?

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is to assume that all social media platforms are the same. Each social media platform has its own specific purpose and requires a unique approach.

Understanding how each social media platform works will help you use your time better. It will also improve the engagement you receive from your potential customers.

Facebook – the most popular social media platform

First, the most popular – Facebook. This is the most widely used social media platform for personal use but for business use as well. Its pages and groups allow businesses to build a community around their brand, products and services. It also allows you to increase loyalty by staying top-of-mind.

To make the most of Facebook, businesses should focus on sharing photos, links or videos. It’s a great platform to provide updates on your business and products; general news; and anything else of interest to your ideal customer. It features a story function, which allows you to post sneak peek content that displays for just 24 hours.

In addition, Facebook offers an advertising function. This provides a highly targeted and affordable way to reach your ideal customer.

Instagram – the visual social media platform

Owned by Facebook, Instagram requires a very different approach and fulfils a different purpose. Instagram is all about making your business shine through striking, high-resolution visuals. For instance, curated photos and powerful video.

Highlight your products, business story, staff and customers in an eye-catching way.

If your business has a product range, Instagram has a shop feature you’ll love. It allows customers to shop your products directly through the platform. Connecting with customers through Instagram is a great way to gather content featuring your products and services. Simply re-share through your own channel as social proof.

Instagram features a story function which shows imagery for a short 24-hour period (perfect for imagery that is less polished). It also incorporates IGTV, which facilitates longer video content.

Twitter – the fast-paced social media platform

Fast-paced Twitter is a whole different ballgame! Twitter is a sea of information, with the focus being on concise content that sends a message in 280 characters.

Your content here should be inviting, enticing and relevant. Quick news updates, company news, quotes or media release content work well here. In addition, it’s a great platform for re-sharing industry updates with others in your sector.

LinkedIn – known as the professional social media platform

If you are a B2B business, LinkedIn is a vital space to be present in. LinkedIn is the professional social media platform and its focus is on business and company related information.

LinkedIn offers personal profiles for your team members (a great opportunity to build your personal, professional brand), company pages and groups. It features a news feed similar to Facebook’s, and also has an articles element that invites users to publish stories and content in a professional way.

YouTube – the video-sharing social media platform

If your business creates regular video content or has the potential to, YouTube is an ideal platform. YouTube is a video sharing service through which you can share video content for customers to watch and interact with.

It’s ideal for short product, review, story and FAQs, as well as other informational video content. The advantage with posting your video content through YouTube is that it weighs favourably on Google. As a result, posting on YouTube increases the chance of your customers finding your business through search.

Pinterest – the virtual pinboard social media platform

Pinterest pays homage to people’s love for organising and collating information and inspiration.

The social media platform functions similarly to a pin board by offering the ability to gather information and content on themed boards. It’s a great platform for people looking for and collating inspiration for home projects, interior design, travel and weddings, travel, as well as health tips and recipes.

If your business falls into one of those categories, it’s worth considering for your social media strategy.

TikTok – the latest social media platform to know about

The baby of these seven social media platforms, TikTok has already developed a huge member base.

TikTok is a social video app through which people can watch or create lip-syncing or dancing videos. As a result, it is a fantastic channel if your business engages with a younger audience. It also has the potential for product placement opportunities through brand ambassadors.

Being effective through social media starts with a strategy that outlines your targets and approach.

However, if you’re a small business or just starting out, delivering an effective social media strategy may feel out of reach. That’s where we come in!

We’ve trained a team of professional athletes in the art of social media strategy and marketing for small businesses. Our team of female athletes have the flexible conditions they need to travel, train and succeed in their sport, whilst earning a wage by helping businesses to prosper and grow their presence through social media at an affordable cost.

We have the experience to grow your customer-base through the best social media channels for your business, so you can focus your time on what you do best.

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